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MOLDAVITE luxury salon team

Big, Bold,

At MOLDAVITE, we firmly believe that you should be able to show up as your authentic self in our space.  We welcome the bold, the fun, the eccentric, the tattooed, the dark-humored, and the vivacious!

Because a luxury experience shouldn't be exclusive to a certain personality type.  We give a luxurious experience without all the stuffy shit.


Natural Grey Hair Topper Hair loss Solution Alopecia

Thank you so much for a great experience. I was hesitant to take this big step of purchasing a hair topper but you girls made it all worthwhile!! I love the atmosphere of your salon & you made me feel right at home. Love, love, love my new do!!! Thanks again! 

— Tracy

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"Two years ago, Bri set to work in fixing another hairstylists extreme balding damage on my scalp and chemical breakage throughout my hair... Now, my length is wonderful and my hair is so healthy! She's a stylist that looks at you as a valued person, not just a number in a chair.  I so appreciate you and all you've done, Bri!


Here's what our guests are saying!


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