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Common Myths About Hair Loss: DEBUNKED

Hello, Hello! It's Bri Morgan again, and if you're here, I bet you’ve experienced the challenge of hair loss and know the impact it can have on your confidence. First and foremost, I want you to know that you are not alone on this journey. Hair loss is a common concern for women of all ages, and there's a sea of misinformation out there that can make it feel overwhelming.

As an advocate for hair loss solutions, my mission is to empower you with factual knowledge about hair loss that’s easy to understand and guide you toward making informed decisions about your hair care routine. In this week’s blog post, let's dive deep into those persistent hair loss myths and explore the solutions that are available that could help you boost your confidence and have you LOVING your reflection again.


Myth #1: Hair Loss is an Older Woman's Problem

Oh, let's debunk this myth straight away! The notion that hair loss only affects older women is as outdated as low-rise jeans! In reality, hair loss can affect women of all ages, from teenagers to those in their 20s, 30s, and beyond. While it is true that age-related factors (such as hormonal changes during menopause) can contribute to hair thinning and loss in older women, younger women can experience hair loss due to various factors as well. These include genetics, stress, nutritional deficiencies, certain medical conditions, surgical history, medications, their own hormonal changes, and even improper hair care practices. Sometimes, hair loss at younger ages can even be a sign that something might be a little ‘off’ with your body. So, being aware of the issue early on and consulting with your dermatologist and/or PCP early on is often suggested!

Myth #2: Frequent Shampooing is the Culprit of Your Hair Loss

Contrary to what you may have heard, regular shampooing doesn't lead to hair loss. In fact, keeping your hair and scalp clean and free of build-up are your allies on this journey! It’s also VERY beneficial to stimulate blood flow in the scalp with things like massage and essential oils! However, aggressive or excessive shampooing CAN lead to hair damage, and using harsh shampoos or scrubbing your scalp like you're polishing silverware? That's a no-go... Using harsh shampoos, applying too much force while scrubbing the scalp, or using excessively hot water can potentially weaken hair strands and lead to breakage. Therefore, it's not the act of shampooing itself but the manner in which it's done that can contribute to hair problems. To maintain healthy hair, opt for salon-quality, sulfate-free shampoos recommended by your stylist and avoid vigorous scrubbing to minimize the risk of damage.

Myth #3: Hats Are the Enemy

Listen, if you want to keep your husband believing this one so that he will take his hat off every once in a while and NOT wear it 24/7… I won’t tattle on you, BUT – Wearing hats, even regularly, is not exactly a direct cause of hair loss.

This misconception may arise from concerns about tight-fitting hats that could potentially lead to friction and hair breakage. In reality, most hats are not worn tightly enough or for prolonged periods to cause hair loss. But, it’s essential to choose hats made from breathable materials, avoid excessive tightness, and ensure they're clean to maintain a healthy scalp environment. Because dirty hats CAN harbor bacteria and perpetuate fungal scalp issues like dandruff … which CAN lead to hair loss!

Myth #4: Hair Loss is Forever

The myth that "hair loss is forever" implies that once you start experiencing hair loss, there's no way to recover or regrow lost hair… which is NOT entirely accurate. While some forms of hair loss, such as certain genetic conditions or scarring alopecia, may be permanent and irreversible, many other types of hair loss are treatable and can be reversed or improved.

It's crucial to consult with a healthcare professional or a hair loss specialist to identify the specific cause of your hair loss. Depending on the underlying reason, various treatment options are available, including medications, topical treatments, lifestyle changes, and even hair restoration procedures like hair transplants. With the right diagnosis and appropriate treatment, it's possible to address many hair loss issues and improve the condition of your hair. So, hair loss is not always a permanent state, and there should always be hope for regaining a healthy and full head of hair.

How to Boost Your Confidence with a Customized Hair Loss Solution, Just for YOU!

Now that we've exposed those hair loss myths, let's talk about the solutions we offer that can reignite your confidence. Customized extensions aren’t just about length; they're your secret weapon for volume, thickness, and slaying your unique style. So, let’s get into what options are even available and what they are great at!

  • Luxury Extensions. Natural Beaded Rows Extensions are the perfect solution for those who are experiencing a lack of volume, thin ends, or fine hair all over. We can add length, density, and fullness to fine or thinning hair without sacrificing the health and safety of your natural hair or scalp.

  • Custom Crown Toppers. A customized crown topper is a great solution for anyone experiencing thinning at the top of their head or part line. Depending on your lifestyle and needs, we can fit you with the perfect piece to give you back your confidence! Although a crown topper isn’t a good fit for someone wanting to add length to their current look, they DO cover thinning areas fully and provide a safe and healthy option.

  • Utilizing BOTH. When my guests want to add length AND cover up thinning part lines, I utilize BOTH methods! Pairing these two solutions together allows me to fully customize a perfect outcome for my guest!

SO, there ya go! I know you may have so many more questions, but don’t worry… I won’t leave you hanging. Keep an eye out for the next post coming out in 2 weeks! I want you to know, I have been through this journey myself. Hair loss is often scary and unpredictable, but YOU’RE NOT ALONE. There are millions of women out there struggling with hair loss with you. BUT- If you're done feeling like a prisoner to your hair loss and you’re ready to take the next step, I’d love to see you click the link below and schedule your FREE consultation with me, today. We're here to support you on your path to confidence and can’t WAIT to meet you!

Until the next one! - Bri Morgan, Hair Loss Specialist

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