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Exciting Changes & more!


So many new and exciting things are happening for me as I begin to wrap up 2020 with a shitstained bow. (Let's all just face it, this year was just...woah.) Anyone who knows me, knows I am not the type of person to let anything stand in the way of my goals and I wasn't about to let a crazy ass year like 2020 to change that!

SO! I have 3 new and exciting things to announce!

Thing 1: I'm super excited and very proud to announce: I've been promoted to Designer Level 2 within Color Loft Salon!!

Thing 2: As of October 1st, I made the decision to no longer accept new cut or color guests. I'm going to only be accepting new NBR guests from here on out.

Thing 3: As of January 1st, I will be upstairs in my very own, newly built,

semi-private SUITE at Color Loft Salon!

I'm so excited for you guys to see it and can't wait to get decorating!


If you haven't read my email or saw my Instagram post, you can follow these links and get caught up. Because, here on the blog, I want to dive a little deeper into why all these changes are taking place.


So, let's start with the my promotion!

You guys, I'm seriously so excited for this! I've been working my ASS OFF since we came out of quarentine and it's totally paying off. Actually, I have been working my ass off for the last 10 years to build my business up to this point. In the past year and a half, though, I've invested so much time and money into growing my business. I've spent tens of thousands of dollars on my education to constantly improve my skills and strive to be the best stylist, colorist, and extension artist I could possibly be.

Because of all this time, energy, and money I have invested in my career this year, I have grown an amazing business! And because of that, I got this promotion!

As stated in my email, this does mean my prices will go up slightly. If these new prices aren't within your budget, I would be glad to try and work with you or I can refer you to another one of our amazing stylists that will take great care of you!

Next up, Why did I decide to stop accepting new cut or color guests:

Well guys, here's some real talk: Since we have gotten out of quarentine, I have been on level 10. Working long days, 6+ days a week, and lost out on so much time with my family... I reached a point of burn out. Had a mental breakdown and just said "what do I have to do to get a handle on this?" I realized, I was just trying to do too much. Trying to hold too many things on my plate and please too many people. It's just not humanly possible to do it all. And that's one tough ass pill to swallow.

In a lot of ways, the quarentine was such a blessing! It brought so many things into perspective for me. During those 6+ weeks, I got 100% uninterrupted time with the thing I cherrish most, my family. I realized that they are where I want to spend the majority of my time and that I had been neglecting them. Then, I went back to work. Attempting to try and catch up, I fell right back into working my ass off, x10. I stopped prioritizing my family or myself and my stress level was reaking havoc on my body. I got diagnosed with RA, my doctor thought I had developed a bloodclot in my leg (good news- it was just the RA flarring up like woah), and my mental health was hanging by a tattered thred....

That's when I hit burn out. I mentally crashed and burned.

I had to figure something out!

As much as I love taking on new clients, I just had to realize that I don't have the space in my schedule. That I can't stay late, come in early, or work on my off days anymore. And, to maintain that schedule, some sacrifices had to be made.

So, now you know my "why". Here is how it's going to work:

I am no longer accepting new haircut only clients or color only clients. As much as I love referrals, the only new clients I will take on from here on out will be Natural Beaded Rows Extensions Guests. So, any new faces in my chair from here on out will be undergoing NBR trasformations!

I will now be referring all potential new color guests to Payton Thokey, Kara Penley, or Ashley McCustion within CLS. All of these girls are AMAZINGLY skilled colorists and FANTASTIC humans.

In this new shift, I'm going to be able to proioritize my current loyal color clients and I will be able to focus on growing my NBR business to it's full potential come the new year in my new space!

Which leads to my next exciting bulletpoint: My new suite!

You may know we have had a lot of work done to the upstairs of Color Loft Salon since we were shut down. (If you didn't, ya do now. lol) In April, we added two new semi-private suite stations upstairs. Expanding our space and allowing us to do that whole "social distancing" thing pretty well.

Well, just recently, the last stage of the remodel was finished. A brand new room that I can't wait to call my own!

This new space is another semi-private suite that perfectly meshes the fun salon-enviroment vibes with the tranquility of a private room!

It's pretty naked right now, but I'm going to make it so cute. Promise.

I'm shooting for a Boho/Scandivanian Farmhouse style that is going to be trendy, eclectic, covered in plants, and just down right put out all THE VIBES! I seriously can't wait to start putting all the puzzle pieces together and I will keep you guys updated through Instagram!


Well, guys! There you have it.

I'm so excited for the new and exciting ways my business and MY SELF are evolving!

Above all, I want each and every one of you reading this to know and realize that I would not be able to be here without YOU. Without you all trusting me, believing in me, and supporting me and my business for all these years. I am forever greatful and constantly humbled by the love and support I feel from all my fantastically amazing clients!

You guys are the real MVPs.

From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!!

Here's to 2021 being the year we all hoped 2020 would be.

To more growth, more sucess, and all the weird/kick-ass

"Bri Vibes" that I can throw out.

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