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Products to Use (And Avoid) on your Extensions



When choosing products to use on your extensions, the main thing to consider is this: Your extensions are an investment you have made. In order to protect your investment, it is important to use professional-grade products that will keep your extensions healthy.

Be sure the products you choose are Sulfate-free and Paraben-free. This will be sure to protect your color on both your hair and the extension hair. It will also prevent the extensions from drying out faster and becoming damaged.

Extension hair is thirsty and requires a little more TLC than most people's natural hair. Be sure to treat them with care to get the longest lifespan out of your extension hair.


Remember, extension hair has a lifespan. How you treat and take care of it will determine the duration of that life span. I usually tell my clients, your hair could last anywhere from 4-9 months depending ENTIRELY on how you take care of it!

Here are the MAIN things to avoid putting on your hair:

-Anything drying! Products that contain alcohol are especially drying and will only shorten the lifespan of your hair. (Beware, I'm going to be saying this over and over and over)

Dry Shampoo is wonderful (trust me, I live on that shit) but remember to follow the rules of your HMCP and keep it only on your roots. Getting it on your lengths will only dry out your hair faster and shorten its lifespan.

-Argan Oil. Argan based hair oil or hair products are not recommended for a few reasons.

1, Argan oil will build-up on your hair and create a coating on the hair shaft. This coating will actually cause your hair to appear drier over time as the hair will not be able to absorb the hydration. (Imagine it like this: It would be like trying to put lotion on your hands while you have gloves on... it just wouldn't soak in.)

2, Argan Oil will oxidate on the hair when exposed to heat or the sun. Causing the hair to become brittle and break easier. (Imagine if you took a nice soft string and dipped it in wax, let it dry and dipped it again. Eventually, your nice soft string would become stiff) It can also cause your hair color to turn colors as it oxidizes. As it does, your hair will take on a brassy/orange cast.

Non-Professional/Drugstore Products. ALL products should only be purchased from a salon and I cannot stress that enough. Products like Tresemme, Garnier Fructis, and other "drug store" brands are sub-par products that WILL cause the life of your extensions to decrease dramatically. If you are using these types of products to "save money" you will only have to replace hair more frequently. So, while you may be saving $20 a bottle on your shampoo, you will have to spend (at least) $125-$200 extra dollars at every other move-up appointment to replace the hair that is damaged. Do that math, it's not worth it. I promise.


Here is the Good News Though!

With every new Full Instal of Natural Beaded Rows Extensions, my clients will receive a Starter-Kit full of the "Must-Haves" worth over $200!

Inside the kit will be:

-A bundle of products from Joico's Defy Damage Line including:

a full-size Shampoo and Conditioner,

Protective Masque Deep Conditioner,

and a Protective Shield Thermal Protectant.

-A Wet Brush Pro hairbrush to keep your hair tangle-free

-And Surface's Bassu Oil keep your new extension hair hydrated and soft!


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