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What is NBR and how is it different?


Recently, the term “Hand-tied Extensions“ has been thrown around A LOT by multiple different companies. Technically, “Handtied hair” refers to the type of weft the stylist uses. You see, typically extension wefts come in 3 MAIN types: Machine Tied, Micro Machine Tied, and Hand Tied. Hand tied hair is the thinnest of the wefting types, allowing the extensions to sit right up against your scalp. This helps the extensions to feel seamless and natural in your hair all the while being light and moving naturally as well.

Natural Beaded Rows, or NBR for short, is a beaded row method of hair extensions that utilizes top quality handtied hair to give you the hair of your dreams!

NBR is done by taking a small section of your natural hair and looping it into a small 2mm bead. Connecting those beads is a piece of taught string that runs right against your scalp. When I sew on your wefts, they will ONLY ever be sewn to that STRING, not your natural hair. By doing this, it preserves the natural hair. Causing less damage and breakage and also feeling more comfortable than some other methods.

NBR is not only just better for the health of your hair, but they hide better too! Even when the rows are completely exposed, they are still virtually invisible! NO MORE worrying if your bonds are showing, NO MORE loosing tufts of hair out of your beade-in I-Tips, NO MORE being self conscious about your hair.

Make the change or take the plunge, Apply for NBR today by clicking the “APPLY” Tab.

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